Computer Aided Design - data based construction enclosing all activities where computers are used in the frame of development or constructional work. With the CAD construction with modern CAD-systems, two and three dimensional geometry data can be produced and optically shown on the screen. These special data models of the new product are the basis for the further planning of production equipment. With such model data, simulations and test can be carried out on virtual models in a very early phase. The reason for such a process is of course the high cost for production equipment and the time investment for new developments.

Time to Market: Get a new product on the market as quickly as possible and exactly according to early planned deadline.

From the product idea over the development, construction and obtaining of examples, You will get a competent support during the whole developing process. 

  • Construction and development of construction groups and injection molding parts
  • Conception, drafting, detailing
  • Project support from the idea to production
  • Support with obtaining prototypes, example parts, small series
  • Layout and Design / Redesign
  • Layer management with existing objects
  • Plotter styles and models for your company
  • Working out "old" drawings
  • Training through partner companies (AutoCAD, Inventor)
  • further services on request